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WHOA! Didn't see that one coming! Hope that your Halloween is full of surprises!! Happy Halloween!

* * * * *

Being in a band
you can wear whatever you want –
it’s like an excuse for Halloween everyday.
Happy Halloween.


I'm sending you a Halloween wish that will be magical. It's a spell to make all of your treats equal calories of ZERO!!

Happy Smile-Oween! Enjoy your day!!

Happy halloween text

We've decided to replace apple bobbing with something a little more free...

halloween messages

Bats will fly and wolves will howl to mark this Halloween night. The sky will have a scary look and weird things may appear before your eyes! Hope your Halloween is fright night delight!

* * * * *

Hope your Halloween is purr-fectly fun and full of shrills of delight

happy halloween day messages

Shake a leg this Halloween and you're sure to have a fantastic time. Get some treats that are delicious and sweet, and Halloween is sure to make your smile!

Halloween text messages

Pumpkin Day is another name for Halloween. A day for fright, for getting treats, and for enjoying everything in-between!

* * * * *

So sorry that we can't be with each other this Halloween. Hope your day is awesome and totally sweet!

* * * * *

I never want a Halloween to go by without saying, "Hello". It would break my heart and make me sad, and make the jack-o'-lantern lose its glow! Happy Halloween!

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What's not to love about candy corn? It's just one of those love-them-because-I-do things....kind of like men! Happy Halloween!

* * * * *

"Mummies" have a way of making Halloween even more magical! Happy Halloween!

halloween messages

Happy Hi-loween!

* * * * *

Don't let the size of the candy fool you. Those little candy bars can gang up and cause some major trouble! Happy Halloween!

* * * * *

Halloween is a time when you can expect to see just about ANYTHING! Beware of guys wearing underwear and capes! Happy Halloween!

happy halloween

May you experience chills this Halloween night. Hope your holiday is a wonderful fright!

* * * * *

Halloween is not for people that are full of pride. Luckily, pride is not even in my vocabulary! Happy Halloween!

* * * * *

What do Vampires do when they are trying to manage their weight? They drink responsibly! Happy Halloween!


People don't miss stinky people. Don't believe me? Just ask your mummy! Happy Halloween!

* * * * *

Who says Halloween can't be educational? Just ask the witches that are constantly "spelling" things out!!!
* * * * *
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